A synergy of Deep learning, Computer vision and Sensor fusion.
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Simple cameras

Computer vision 

Easy to install cameras is the major component of this technology. The cameras are fitted such that the customer privacy is not compromised(no facial recognition). As computer vision advances, it’s easy to imagine all sorts of life-improving innovations in store.
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Deep Learning

Deep learning is used to analyse the interaction with the customers and the store. Years of research has gone into understanding various customer interactions inside store. When combined with the years of practise and training, the system evolved as a working foolproof model.
Sensor Fusion
Combination of different sensors
Multiple sensors are used to complement the computer vision. Pressure , stress, light sensors used in this completes the technology stack. The combination of sensor fusion and computer vision gives credibility to the results.
  • Sensors smoothly integrates to the store
  • Ample data for AI to make decisions
  • Makes the technology foolproof.
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