Welcome to Watasale! we create future innovation for retail.
We stand for easing the way customer shops. Look forward to attain a perfect synery between offline and online shopping to give the end user the best shopping experience.
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Fully autonomous

Fully autonomous

Completely autonomous store powered by AI, computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion.
24/7/365 Shopping

24/7/365 Shopping

Works round the clock. Customers can shop any time, and anywhere from our "store next door".
Convenience 2.0

Convenience 2.0

No cashier, no scanning, no waiting. Customer don't want to stand in line, ever again.

How Watasale works

Watasale is a fully autonomous unmanned store. The customer can walk into the store with their mobile, take the product and just walk away! That's it. No cashier, no scanning, no waiting in line. The customer scans the QR generated in Watasale app to enter, after taking the product the bill amount will automatically be debited from their account.
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Autonomous store works on computer vision with the right number of cameras.
Deep learning
Deep learning
Deep learning used to analyse interaction with human with store.
Sensor fusion
Sensor fusion
Multiple sensors for pressure, stress, light sensing used to analyse actions.
Big data
Big data
Big data analysis to optimize in-store customer experience.
Days work
Trial runs
Upgrades done
Use cases
Watasale journey to reality.
Cutting edge technologies crafted to solve a real world problem.

Questions on Watasale

What is so big about the Watasale experience?

Watasale provides the ultimate shopping experience. It is the customer shopping at his will without any hassles. He can just walk in , take the products and walk out. No need to wait and undergo the hassle of shopping.

Watasale stores can be installed in any locations. The customer can shop form next door at her will and convenience.

Doesn't need to wait for anybody, shopping is completely hassle free. Payments are automatic and digital.

What is difference of micro store with a vending machine?

Watasale is the much needed sophisticated upgrade to a vending machine. Vending machines are traditionally high priced and not used for general purpose stores due to the high cost involved.

Can be installed in every nooks and corners. The concept of "store next door"

Easy to load and maintain, can even alter product price remotely.

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Advantage over traditional stores?

Watasale stores brings up higher levels of automation to retail. Stores will be autonomous and can work 24/7 adding to the total productivity. The manpower used for generic purposes in traditional stores can be used more productively for back end works like data analysis in product, sales, marketing etc.

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How much accuracy can the system provide?

The fact of the case is that Watasale autonomous stores are more fool proof system compared to traditional stores. Shoplifting is near impossible in Watasale stores. The shoplifters can not escape the combination of camera vision and sensor fusion, every single item will be billed even if they keep it in the most secret places.

No more shoplifting

There is no escaping sensors and computer vision, the items stolen will also be billed.

Customer knowledge

Entry is app based, so basic customer knowledge urges good behavior.

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Can this be scalable and profitable?

Yes, of course. Watasale uses technologies that is in their infancy. Ever increasing pixel sizes and ever increasing computing power will only decrease the cost of implementation. This will make Watasale a quintessential factor in future retail tech segment.

Watasale technology is a combination of AI, computer vision, deep learning and sensor fusion. All these technologies are in its infancy. Watasale is already a working and feasible method for autonomous stores. The technology improvements of the future will only make the system more and more refined and foolproof.

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How can the Watasale franchisee store owner control their business?

Watasale autonomous stores puts the store owners in drivers seat. They will get complete insights on the inventory data in real time. Running a retail store was traditionally a highly demanding time management question. Watasale store owners can have complete control of their business even from a remote location.

The inventory management process is much optimized in Watasale. Not only the store owners have real time data on the inventory, they have the luxury of making predictive analysis of in-store data.

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Watasale App

Install once use globally

Watasale mobile app for customer is the single entry ticket to all Watasale stores in the world. Optimised for ease of use and personalised shopping experiences,the app is available in android and iOS platforms. The customer QR code generated in the app is used for entering the store.
Single click QR generation for entering the store. Additional features like subscription management.
Data security
Watasale app do not track the customer hence the customer data security is never compromised.
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Watasale variants

The first-in-class Watasale features!

Upcoming product

Automated delivery
First in class completely autonomous online delivery concept in the making.
Oder from nearby Watasale store, Autonomous robotic delivery.

Plug and play store

WAS- Micro
Independent single rack stores for all locations.
  • Completely autonomous
  • Upgraded vending machine
  • AI and computer vision
  • Open and take model
  • Scan QR to open
  • Automatic billing
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Cooler and non cooler variant
Can be used for general purpose,groceries to packaged foods, ideal for housing locations.
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